A Letter from the President

Mike BerningMy great-grandfather, Joseph Berning, founded Jos. Berning Printing Co. in 1883 and unionized in the early 1900’s. His sepia photograph and antique letterpress sit in my office alongside the photographs of my grandfather and father, who served in turn, as Presidents of Jos. Berning Printing. Each took care to adapt, to expand, to modernize the business, and still keep and hold our union values- each one equally dedicated to serving the Cincinnati community civically, socially, and philanthropically.

Their legacy reminds me every day of the Jos. Berning Printing Co. commitment to exceptional print quality, state-of-the-art technology, and unsurpassed customer service that has been a Berning hallmark for nearly 130 years. My name is on the door and I personally ensure the satisfaction of every Jos. Berning Printing customer. I am proud to be an American union company.

President 1998-Present

President 1966-1998

Richard Berning’s tenure saw a heightened commitment to overhauling the physical capabilities of Jos. Berning Printing. A true “hands-on” leader and expert craftsman, he converted the printing operation to an all-offset shop and oversaw the relocation of the business to its current custom-built print facility in Queensgate. Richard Berning’s infrastructure investments paved the way for the digitalization process that would transform Jos. Berning Printing as it entered its second century of business.

President 1926-1966

For 40 years Norbert Berning stood at the helm of Jos. Berning Printing, transforming the organization from a small, family-owned business to a thriving commercial enterprise. He personally developed long-term business relationships with his clients, many of whom are still our customers today.

President 1883-1925

Printer, Cincinnati vice-mayor, entrepreneur, philanthropist: Joseph Berning founded Jos. Berning Printing in 1883 in the rear of a Vine Street grocery. His charisma and sheer determination laid the foundation for a tradition of printing excellence and civic service.